Message From Nazareth Home Clifton Administrator

Dear Community,

Here at Nazareth Home Clifton we know that no one wakes up one morning and declares the intent to move into a nursing home. This understanding serves as our foundation to focus on you and the value of personal choice. Our staff understands that some sort of life-altering event led to the decision to place your life in the hands of others. Families also struggle with this decision and we make sure it’s a “team” effort. We listen and we collaborate. You are in the driver’s seat. If I could encapsulate the compassionate spirit of what our nursing professionals have to offer, I would have to say that they are diligently attentive, thoughtful and driven by life’s purpose of serving others.

We tailor each care plan to the specific needs of each person. Our goals are simple; we do everything possible to focus on your strengths, dignity, all while helping them in areas they require assistance and coaching. Personal-centered hospitality and trust of our staff have led to our legacy of compassion here at Nazareth Home Clifton.

I look forward to meeting each of you soon. You’ll recognize me by the big smile on my face.

Administrator, Lisa Biddle-Puffer